“Space Research Opportunities” Seminar

What is more interesting than knowing about outer space! By outer space we understand the place beyond earth where planets, stars and other celestial bodies are found. ‘Light year’ is the unit to measure the distance between objects of outer space. However Science still hasn’t learnt how big the space actually is!

To observe and learn about the mysterious space, ‘International Outer Space day’ is celebrated each year. CUSS with the help of ” Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has arranged an event to celebrate this exciting day. Come and learn about the fascinating universe and find out how you may find yourself there through career opportunities!


On 28.01.2020, a seminar titled “Space Research Opportunities” was organized by Chittagong University Scientific Society where our speakers discussed space opportunities in Bangladesh, space research, space journey, NASA space app challenge, etc.

Start Time

10:30 am

January 28, 2020

Finish Time

1:00 pm

January 28, 2020


Chittagong University

Event Participants

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