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CUSS: Non-profit scientific society affiliated with NMST, promoting multidisciplinary collaboration among science students.

  • Established in 2018, celebrated World Earth Day with a campus cleanup initiative.
  • Registered under NMST with financial and political independence.
  • Aims to bridge science and society for individual betterment.
  • Open to collaboration with organizations sharing similar goals.

Chittagong University Scientific Society (CUSS) is a non-profit multidisciplinary scientific organization. It’s a registered organization of National Museum of Science & Technology (NMST), registration no: GA-245/2022. It’s established with the cooperation of the students of various science related departments in order to exchange information and coordinate activities related to science and society for the betterment of every individual. We started our official journey on 22th April, 2018 with the celebration of “World Earth Day”, where our members and volunteers gathered to clean plastic wastes from the CU campus. We are financially and politically independent but we are interested to work in collaboration with other organizations that share our aims and interests.

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Active Members CUSS unites in scientific pursuits, promoting collaboration, growth, and impact.

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Years of progress CUSS thrives, advancing science, society, and individual betterment collaboratively.

Awards CUSS excels, earning recognition for scientific achievements and societal contributions.


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CUSS sparks synergy between science and society, founded in 2018. Committed to progress, awards, and collaboration, we champion multidisciplinary initiatives. Join active members shaping a better future. Igniting change, earning accolades – CUSS is the catalyst for transformative impact.

University of Chittagong,
Chittagong, Bangladesh

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